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Sergio Villa Decorazioni is a furniture decoration company founded in 1994.

Our mission is to put into practice any finishing idea that is in the mind of our customers, interpreting their philosophy at best.

To achieve this, we employ a team of 25 decoration professionals, for the most part formed inside the company, as well as 3 spray booths and a sanding booth. We have specialized personnel in color and sampling, gilding, treatment and patina of the skin and hand-painted decoration.

We can therefore make any possible finish, from the classic ones such as gilding or polishing, to the more "trendy" ones such as metallic effects, corten or material textures.

Thanks to our long experience, we can study together with the customer the best finish for a project, with an eye to budget and future use of furniture, whether for private homes or for demanding uses such as in hotels or public places.

In collaboration with the Swiss designer Carlo Rampazzi, we have made many finishes for furniture in prestigious homes and hotels around the world.

We have also collaborated with famous fashion brands.


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